Display a parking permit on the inside of your vehicle.

Permits are located inside the condo hanging by the front door, or at the Vacasa office.

Spaces are unassigned.

House rules

  • The unit and surrounding property are completely non-smoking.
  • No pets allowed
  • Maximum occupancy 8 guests
  • Be respectful to neighbors, quiet times are between 9pm-8am.


Living room TV

WIth the Vizio smart TV, you can watch local cable TV, BlueRay/DVD, stream from your personal device, or use the built-in apps (Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, etc.)

The Suddenlink remote (the big remote) will control most TV functions.

Cable TV
  • With the Suddenlink remote, press TV, then PWR (TV takes a minute to turn on)
  • Press Video Source (bottom of remote) and select Cable Box
  • Press CBL, then PWR
Streaming from your device
  • With the Suddenlink remote, press TV, then PWR (TV takes a minute to turn on)
  • From your device, begin streaming the program of your choice
  • Press streaming icon on your device
  • On your device select VizioCastDisplay7788
  • The TV will automatically switch the the SMARTCAST input and begin streaming your content
  • With the Suddenlink remote, press TV, then PWR (TV takes a minute to turn on)
  • Press Video Source (bottom of remote) and select Cable Box
  • Press CBL, then PWR
AirPlay Music Streaming
  • With the Suddenlink remote, press TV, then PWR (TV takes a minute to turn on)
  • Begin playing music from your device
  • Touch the AirPlay icon from your device
  • On your device choose VizioCastDisplay7788
  • The TV will automatically switch to the AirPlay input and begin streaming your content.

Bedroom TVs

The bedroom televisions both require the use of two remotes, one for power/volume, the other to control the cable box.



The kitchen comes equipped with everything you need to cook during your stay including:

A full set of plates, cutlery, drinking glasses, serving dishes, baking dishes, pots & pans, cooking utensils, automatic coffee maker, french press, electric kettle, blender and chef’s knives.

No heavy items on refrigerator door, please.
This will break the seal and cause the fridge to work harder thereby freezing your food items. Nobody wants that.


There are a few gas grills located on the property.

  • Available year round.
  • First-come basis.
  • Turn the timer to use.
  • Grill brush and tools are available in the unit.

Tips on cooking at high altitude

Water boils at a much lower temperature at 7,500 feet and you will have to adjust your cooking techniques accordingly. For instance, pasta will take longer, and you may have to bake things a little longer than usual. If you’re a coffee lover, you might prefer the french press because you can have a longer brew time and extract better flavor.


In the winter months or cold nights, the cast-iron fireplace is the most effective way to heat the entire unit.

Starting a fire

Open the intake vent: pull out the lever underneath the glass door towards you.

  1. Put about 3-4 pieces of kindling on the grate, place a fire-starter underneath the grate, and light.
  2. Door can be open or closed for the initial lighting.
  3. Once the kindling has a strong flame, gradually add larger pieces of wood, one at a time.
  4. Watch closely and add more wood when you see the fire dying down, about every 20-30 minutes.

Making kindling

If kindling is not provided during your stay, or if you already burned through it, not to worry. Splitting logs is a mountain tradition, fun, and therapeutic.

Additional fire starters are available at Vons, Rite-aid, and the DIY Center.

For safety and convenience there is a log-splitter provided in the entry way, look for a black cylindrical metal object with a blade in the middle. Place wood inside cylinder, use provided mallet to hammer the wood into the blade. TIP: Wood without knots or bark split easier.


The pool and spa are currently closed due to COVID restrictions.

Trash + Recycling

Dumpsters for garbage are located in parking areas throughout the complex. Please remember to close the carabiner due to the pesky bears.

Recycling is very limited but we encourage you to use the bin that is next to the trash dumpster.

Kindly remove all trash and recycling from the unit before your departure.


The laundry room is located in the Rec Room area, ground floor.
Access key is available in condo hanging near the front door. Coin operated.

Offsite laundry facilitles located at Mammoth Lakes Laundromat.


We have a few seasonal items in the front door closet for your enjoyment.

Snowball maker
Folding chairs


  • Checkout time is 10:00am
  • Remove all trash
  • Remove all personal food items from fridge, freezer and cupboards
  • Wash your dishes and start the dishwasher
  • Hang rec-room/pool key and parking permits near front door
  • If furniture has been moved, return it to its original location
  • Leave all heaters on low setting (winter)
  • Open cabinets under sinks (winter)
  • Turn off lights, close all windows, lock doors
  • Return key
  • Have a safe trip home!